Boogie-Woogie Style

June Caravel
2016 | Paris Upon Thames Records

With "Boogie-Woogie Style", June is coming back to her dancing roots. She's been a rock'n'roll dancer since she's 12 and even was a French acrobatic rock champion at 15. Thanks to 116 Kissbankers, she gathered 15,000 Euros to record this rock'n'roll album which is due October 2016. 10 songs compose it which are part of the rock'n'roll musical June is writing: "Boogie-Woogie Style"
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The A Cappella Sessions

June Caravel
2012 | Paris Upon Thames Records

Bobby McFerrin famously recorded "Don't Worry Be Happy" on his own with only 7 layers of vocals. And this is exactly what I've done with the A Cappella Sessions. Only using my voice to create songs.
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And maybe a tree will rise out of me...

June Caravel (T-ka)
2008 | Sellaband

Thanks to 684 investors from all over the world on Sellaband, I lived my "American Dream" and recorded And Maybe A Tree Will Rise Out Of Me... in California in optimal conditions: with the producer Sylvia Massy (Prince, Skunk Anansie) and accompanied by talented musicians such as Jeff Pevar (Ray Charles, Crosby Stills & Nash) on guitar, Stevie D (David Gilmour, Crosby Stills & Nash) on drums, Tibo Barbillon (Nouvelle Vague) on bass and Bill Holloman (Nile Rodgers, Diana Ross) on horns. The rappers from Las Vegas' crew "Ambytionz Chyldren" feature on the track "Terror". My artist name was still T-ka at the time, which explains why, the CD cover still has T-ka on it.
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2006 I Self-produced

In 2005, I got money from Paris Jeunes Talents to record my first self-produced album. We recorded 10 tracks live in 2 days at Audiolane Studios with my band of the time. On this album was already On The Other Side Of The Ocean -O.T.O.S.O.T.O when shortened- and that's what gave the name to the album. It was then edited and mixed by Gregory Jacques at Capitol Studios.
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