Black and white. Man and woman. Shy and outspoken: nothing predestined these two to meet yet they complement each other like the yin and the yang. In 2014, producer FlxshWave and singer/songwriter June Caravel decided to unite their forces to create Hypergryfs. The name came from an 'auld' shop sign at Paris Carnavalet museum where a gryffon was depicted. Part eagle, part lion, it seemed to embody perfectly the dual nature of the band.

Their video and new single Waiting for a sign is an introduction to their antagonistic universe. It invites the listener to answer the question 'Do you know who you are?' and reflects on appearances and how deceptive they can be.

As a singer and author of 3 albums in complete different genres (soul-pop, a cappella and rock'n'roll) June Caravel brings her vocal versatility and sense of formula to the duet while FlxshWave brings his voice and minimal electro beats already discovered in his recent solo singles 'Feelings' and 'Fall Leaves' that have gardnered more than 100.000 listens on Spotify. They qualify the sound of their music as minimalistic melting pop. Minimalist for the production and melting pop because all of the way all of their influences are brought together...

Waiting for a sign was released on January 3rd, 2018 as a single and other singles and videos will follow every 3rd of the month...

RED F feat. June Caravel - What you doin' to me (single dance)

En 2012 je rencontre RED F alors que nous dansons tous les deux le rock'n'roll. Il me dit qu'il fait de la musique, je lui dis que je suis chanteuse. Il m'envoie un titre instrumental ouvertement "dance" sur lequel j'ecris les paroles et que j'enregistre chez lui. Et puis il le remixe, plusieurs fois... Fast forward to 2016 !

En ecoutant l'instrumental du titre pour la premiere fois, je me dis que son cote "dance" 90's est completement a contre courant de l'electro d'aujourd'hui. Mais c'est justement ce que RED F revendique. J'ai donc force un peu ma voix pour que ca ressemble a du "Black Box" de la grande epoque ! Et puis en 2016, RED F decide de sortir le titre, enfin ! Disponible en digital sur toutes les plateformes de telechargement des le 23/09/2016...

Busking In Australia

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Busking in Australia is a new Travel Musical Adventure Web Series featuring June Caravel.

To busk (/busk/) intr.v. busked, busking, busks. To play music or perform entertainment in a public place, usually while soliciting money.

June Caravel is parachuted in Australia, a country she's never been to.

Rule #1: She can only use the money she earns while busking to eat, sleep and tour Australia.
Rule #2: She must be back in Sydney to catch her return plane 2 months later...

Koenigswort featuring June Caravel

In February 2013, June Caravel wins the Kre(h)tiv Prize given by the City of Hanover, where she now lives. As a result, she is being coached during a year by Marco Heggen (Marquess). Marco Heggen is creating his Label and launching a new group: Koenigswort. And they happen to need a few lyrics in French for their song So'n Schein. So June wrote and sang it... The song has been performed on German Radio and even on the mythical ZDF Fernseh Garten on the 04/08/2013 on German TV.

Synaptic Machines featuring June Caravel

As June Caravel did her first House Concert in The Hague back in December 2012, she met a producer, Synaptic Machines who attended the gig. He told her at the end what a pity it was that she didn't stay any longer to record something together. The occasion arose 3 months later as she did yet another House Concert in The Hague. She wrote the myrics in the train and they recorded the vocals on Sunday. It came out in May 2013 and it's called Ethnic Dreams.

Triptone featuring June Caravel

June Caravel and Triptone met in Paris and started a first collaboration together on his eponym album. June wrote the Lyrics and Melody on "Let Me Be Free". It was released on the 13/02/2012 online.

In 2013, Triptone was working on the EP Lovely Doll and asked June if she wanted to write something to the instrumental he sent her. June wrote the Lyrics and Melody to "You Gotta Stay True". It was released on the 13/02/2013 online.

Bikini Rumble featuring T-ka

T-ka (former artist name of June Caravel) and Bikini Rumble met through a common friend. T-ka wrote the lyrics and melody to 4 songs on the album "Almost Hydrofoiling" published in 2005: Maui, Don't steal my bike, Bikini Girl & 108 Times A Day (which was also remixed by David Grumel).